Your data and all clinical cannabis patient information are not imparted to anybody. Your data is kept private and clings to the Medical coverage Compactness and Responsibility Act (HIPAA).

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No one has ever died of marijuana overdose by itself. But it is possible to suffer serious effects of too much THC. Cannabis growers continually find ways to increase the THC content of marijuana, so that the average THC content has increased from an average of 4% in 1983 to an average of 10% in 2009. Some strains of cannabis tested much higher. High doses of THC have been shown to result in mental confusion, panic attacks, and hallucination.

There are side effects associated kurvana cartridge price with the use of botanical jetty extracts cartridge cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids including: mental confusion lemonade exotic carts, cognitive impairment, anxiety and/or paranoia, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, dry eyes, sedation, increased appetite, headache, impaired balance and coordination, and elevated heart rate. There are also potential risks to the lungs if cannabis is smoked. If my healthcare provider has confirmed medical cannabis for my symptoms, and it is legal in my state, what do I need to do to obtain it? Laws and rules vary from state to state. For up-to-date information on state laws, it is best to check with the individual state government or the non-profit organization Americans for Safe Access.

Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds sercuired by cannabis flowers. There are also compounds called terpenes – chemical compounds that give cannabis its unique aroma. The concentrations and combinations of the cannabinoids and terpenes vary from plant to plant and among the different strains of cannabis. When inhaled, consumed as an edible, kurvana cartridge price or used on the skin as a topical preparation, the cannabinoids bind to cannabinoid docking sites or receptors in the human body and alter nerve conveyance in the brain .

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